Java Courses in Kurunegala

Oracle Certified Java Programmer (OCJP)


Internationally Recognized Certification to be a professional in Java Language, offered by Oracle Corporation.

  • Over Rs.35000/= Salary in Sri Lanka .
  • Earn 3000$ ++ Abroad.
  • Conducted by Certified Lecturers.
  • Payment in 3 installments.
  • 100% Exam Guaranteed.
  • 100% Java Syntaxes.


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+94 37 737 73 87


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+94 71 699 00 09

Course Content

JAVA Fundamentals Strings
Inheritance I/O
Polymorphism Formatting and Parsing
Encapsulation Generics and Collections
Operators Inner Classes
Flow Control Threads


4 ½ months

Basic Requirements

Knowledge in Basic concepts and theories of Computers.

To Whom

This is for those who are Interested in creating computer systems and researches

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Course Scenario

Gives Module book 1 and CD 1st Week
Start first halve of the content 1st  – 9th Weeks
Gives Question book  4th Week
Mid Test 10th Week
Gives Feedback form 1  10th Week
Module book 2  11th Week
Start second halve of the content  11th  – 16th Weeks
Gives Revision Module book  16th Week
Conduct Revision & Question class  17th  – 18th Weeks
End Test  20th Week
Gives Feedback form 2  20th Week

News & Events

New Intake for OCJP Batch

December 31st, 2016|0 Comments

New OCJP batch will be started on 8th January 2017 in Malabe Branch

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